What is EFX Hologram Technology?

We constantly respond to both internal and external effects in the energy field with the natural world around us today .. çevriliyiz polluting electronic terminals, wireless devices and the technology-driven environment. This is the body's natural bioelectric energy field, the destructive effects of pollution, "static" by making the cells, organs and muscles, causing serious problems.
The human body, regulate the activities of adrenaline triggers the brain to function properly bioelectric üretir.Biyoelektrik, muscle movements, and even manages to cast our hearts. Oluşan'statik our bodies' structure and may interfere with these processes and weak muscles, poor balance and lead to energy loss.
Holograms EFX products contained more than 100 through the body's natural frequencies of the algorithm re-editing the "formation of static filters and communication so that the cells should be re-touch of a button.
EFX products, approximately 2-3 cm away from your body's bioelectric field from all over the show .. So take effect immediately for the effect of direct contact with the skin does not need to. However, when held close to key energy centers of your body such as hands and feet may be more widespread effects.
Wrist, bracelet and necklace models, in addition to self-adhesive rear surface of EFX holograms with ease thanks to clothing, belts, hats or shoes into the bonding can be used on.
EFX holograms, pain in the areas of influence such as acupuncture needles, if pasted in a very short period of time by showing improvement in the case of glue on each side of Temple sağlayabilir.Özellikle headache is very effective.

Your body is properly adjusted?
We are all constantly responding to outside influences, both internal and with a natural energy field çevriliyiz. This energy field is interrupted and the activity of the body's performance in serious condition hasaselektronik azalır.Bu devices running the most accurate frequency response showed a similar result when the appropriate frequency doğurur.Diğer hand caught relaxes muscles, increases blood flow and reduces tension.
EFX's holographic technology at the cellular level in humans and animals that interact with this energy field includes algorithms, and frequencies. EFX products in the body such as hands and feet, especially when held close to key energy centers of the body's natural bioelectrical frequencies makes editing the most compatible.
EFX removing the body immediately reveal the energy of its high functionality and performance sets the correct frequency.

The most notable results of this effect are as follows:
• increase balance and strength
• Improved flexibility and movement
• Better focus and alertness
• Stress and tension reduction
• Faster recovery time
• Jet lag and the ability to move a positive contribution to reducing serious diseases.

** Bioelectric therapy devices that we are clear about the lack of scientific evidence the FDA and other medical professional until proven otherwise by teams of medical products in the category, but a large number of değerlendirilmemesini indicates that we have recommended for the observation of positive effect.
Search the truth takes work. Adequate medical and scientific evidence is collected until the FDA approval of medical terms the effect of EFX products "PLACEBO EFFECT" be considered. However, we ask you. . . EFX is a real-time effects, and even users deneyimlenmiş news on the testing done without the introduction of products on their bodies, how to explain it is still a placebo effect?

EFX'in What is the difference from other products?
EFX increases the body's adaptation of cellular frequencies. This natural situation loosen muscles and increase blood circulation, provides for a very short time to observe the benefit of any mechanical, chemical or physical data needed yoktur.Etkiyi you personally do not have time before you feel positive living conditions. EFX products in conjunction with another medication or therapy can be used without any problem.
EFX holograms is not a magnet, magnetic, nor in any way. EFX holograms programmed algorithm and frequencies in the body is loaded into a piece of metallic material, a naturally occurring bioelectric field is organizing to bring balance. The main difference between other products just to show the effect of the more satisfying the outcome.
EFX all over the world men's, women all the athletes and a proven technology that is used by the agency only EFX products show positive effects. Other metal or magnetic-based products, only time can provide some benefits.

** Holograms EFX Energetic Acupuncture and strategic energy centers or chakras, as acupressure'da to stimulate the body which constitutes the essence of these practices EFX is placed in the main meridian channels of energy flow in the serious and immediate impact on encouraging shows.
Simple tests of balance, strength, flexibility and range of motion a positive impact on the agency confirmed.

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