Portable and Faucet Type Alkaline Water Ionizers are quality living products that are suitable for use in the home or workplace, which purifies all kinds of foreign substances in the network and demijohn waters and makes the water more useful. Disinfectants such as chlorine used to disinfect microbes and bacteria in the water, all kinds of impurities and free radicals mixed in water cause diseases and premature aging. Water ionizers purify these foreign materials with the aid of filters, making the water much smoother, better quality, healthier and more functional. Ionized and pH-enhanced water helps the body stay young, healthy and alive by renewing at the cell level.

Benefits of alkaline ionized water:

  • Alkali ionized water is an excellent immune system protector.
  • Maintain the acid / alkali balance in the body with antioxidant structure.
  • It provides excellent hydration in cells with its micro structure.
  • The body is renewed at the cell level to help keep it young, healthy and alive.
  • It cleans up "free radicals" that cause diseases and premature aging with high-value negative ions.
  • It helps neutralize the acidic toxins that accumulate in our body for many years.
  • Internal filter and pre-filters purify various pollutants that may be present in city water

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