Air purifiers

What Can Air-Surface Cleaning Devices Do for the Air You Breathe?

It eliminates biological pollutants such as bacteria, virus, mold fungus, animal hair, pollen, house dust mite.

Chemicals eliminate unwanted odors such as cigarettes, food, pets, dampness, toilet odors.

It removes all pollutant particles such as dust, cigarette smoke, industrial particles from the air.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Formaldehyde, Benzene, Pesticides, Aerosol Hydrocarbons, Paint etc. It neutralizes chemical gases such as.

Usage areas

Demo Group Air-Surface Cleaning Devices are used at home, office, school and nurseries, cafeteria and restaurants, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, beauty centers, hotels, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctor and dentist's offices, smoking areas, etc. It provides a healthier air by cleaning the air in public areas such as.

The American Environmental Protection Agency has reported that indoor air contains 2-10 times more harmful substances than outdoor air. Indoor air is the number one risk factor that threatens our health. No building is immune to indoor air pollution. Our homes and workplaces are filled with the main sources of airborne allergies and pollutants. The American Allergy Academy reports that 50% of diseases are caused or increased by indoor air pollutants.

Possible harmful formations in the air and surfaces we breathe in our home, workplace?

In bathrooms and toilets;

  • Moisture causes the growth of bacteria and mold fungi.
  • Aerosol products cause the release of harmful gases into the environment.
  • Flushing causes the spread of airborne bacteria to the environment.

In the bedrooms;

  • Chemical gases are released from the clothes we give to dry cleaning.
  • Moisturizing, dehumidifying devices cause blending of bacteria, mold and viruses.
  • Although house dust mites are found throughout our homes, they are more concentrated in bedspreads and bed linens.

in the kitchen;

  • House cleaning products release harmful gases.
  • Moisture causes the reproduction of bacteria and mold fungi.
  • Pressed wooden cabinets are the source of formaldehyde and other gases.
  • Harmful particles and gases are produced by combustion

In the living room and halls;

  • Different pollutants and harmful particles related to cigarette smoke are released into the environment.
  • Furniture powders, paints, upholstery, carpets create unhealthy air and produce toxin gas.
  • Allergens that can cause severe shortness of breath due to the feathers of your little friends in the house are given to the environment.

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