Sterilizer General Uses

Without using any chemical UV sterilizatörünüzle Purelight absolutely harmless to human health with all kinds of UV-C band beams can be sterile surface and the objects within seconds. DNA and RNA-based organisms, microbes degrading UV rays become harmful due to disordered structures. Purelight'ınızla all kinds of bacteria and viruses (SARS, anthrax, BIRD FLU, intestinal BACTERIA-Clostridium difficile, which causes foot and mouth disease, other bacteria and viruses) is also found in beds and carpets to a great extent AKAR Insects (Dust mites, Bed Bugs) in seconds can neutralize up to 99.9%. This product, mattresses, quilts, pillows, bench tops, personal hygiene items, keyboard, telephone and so on. surfaces and objects, as well as cleaning chemicals on vegetables and fruits, no doubt you refine vb.kalıntılarından. Outside the houses, hospitals and nursing homes, a new neonatal units, hotel rooms, the device would be effective in very large areas. All kinds of environments we live in disease-causing germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi that destroy a large extent, this device, you and your family a healthy life also wish to contribute to the activities of enterprises in hygienic conditions. Product in box; Purelight UV-bar, power cord / AC adapter, is UV-resistant protective glasses and lens cleaning cloths.
HOW IT WORKS RAY UV-C UV-C rays (UV-C band), an anti-microbial properties are known by scientists ve1930's on today with DNA and RNA, germs, bacteria, viruses and molds are used for the killing. Purelight'taki invisible beam of UV-C eye disease causing pathogens to humans and animals with the genetic material DNA and RNA structures by breaking the 99% of them deteriorated structures getirir.Genetik neutralize harmful to reproduce the properties of these pathogens lose any more. Insects, mites (dust mites), and other organisms found in beds become ineffective very practical way.

BED / DUVET / PILLOW Purelight'ınızla Yataklarınızı sterile linen can remove the three different ways: 1) Purelight'ınızı, a certain section of bed from right to left, starting from a height of 10 cm (30 cm in width in an area) for 10 seconds, and 10 seconds left to right apply for. ("beep" sounds will help you with this) Then there is the adjacent 30 cm wide area of application, perform the same pass. NOTE: If you make your application from a height of 5 cm, left and right will be enough 3-second applications. 2) Use a tripod: Purelightı UV light on a tripod facing the surface of the bed by placing 2 h run (Basic mode -2 hours) 3) Bases in beds, bed side of the bed facing the corner purelightınızı moved it around every corner and a steep run for 30 minutes. Quilts and remove the bag, above the bed for the application of kılıflarını 1.Bölümdeki purelightınızı to use. PET / ANIMAL uses pets to a height of 10 cm on the surfaces move slowly from side to side ettirin.Tekrar wait for 20 seconds before the application. PERSONAL HYGIENE ARTICLES Purelight'ınızı shaving kit, hair brush, nail care set, toothbrush hygiene belongings such as 3-5 cm in height on the move for 10 seconds. USE OF KITCHEN; appliance, kitchen appliances (and chipper knives and other cutting tools, cutting table, etc.). Uygulayın.Mutfak machine for 10 seconds from a height of 3-5 cm and cleaning chemicals on them in no doubt that you and all kinds of vegetables and fruits to purify the same germ Purelightınızı to apply. AREAS OF BATHROOM Toilet seat and cover to remove both the surface from a height of 10 cm from side to side for 20 seconds during a follow. Avoid contact with water, definitely. Accordance with the general hygiene of your bathroom for any device running a department for children holding asın.1 hours a day locked in your bathroom into the groundwater. Moldy smell and FOR: in these areas odor, mildew and other organisms harmful to health to become largely or totally ineffective on the appliance and room for 2 hours of children locked in an effort to stop and hold. FOOTWEAR Footwear and botlarınızın into practice once a week for 5 minutes, do this "athlete's foot" öldürür.Ayrıca germs that cause illness, known as the foot you use at home to bottom, shoes and slippers can be sterile. ARTICLES AND FREQUENTLY USED IN HOME-OFFICE SURFACES computer and keyboard, telephone handset and keys, cell phones, remote controls, door handles and so on. You can practice on surfaces for 10 seconds from a height of 10 cm. APPLICATIONS FOR was not sure of a height of 10 cm, 20 SECONDS LONG IN GENERAL PRACTICE IDEAS.


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