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Today 5-10-15? .. Multiply that weight by 2, until the number of days you will be given so much weight. When I read them, decide to enter the depth of the issue to a spot, move verdim.İlk şifreydi: "pH ..." Logic said ... The problem is the body's "pH" or "acid" and "alkaline" to provide balance .. I offer an effective method of weight loss ... How would you like to lose weight? The body is a classic habit of eating a portion of the acids in the intestine, throws it out through urine and perspiration, but not all of them. The remaining acid is more than just steak sauces acid in the body cells, such as flesh softening is disturbing. In this case, the body pushes the process of self-preservation. The body uses the nutrients and the body fat to protect itself. Because ... Oils acid burn. Thus, to store fat constantly fazlalaşır acids. Your stomach would not want to Blur, but the truth of the good fat from the body as evidence for the detection of these oils in plastic surgery because of intense acid has been to brown or even black. In fact, we look at the short term this is good news. The body, especially your back and protect himself against the evils of acid by storing fat in the hip. Oils, such as cholesterol in the blood vessels or even the effect of acid prevents drilling. But ... Over time, this process becomes compensated. More acid in the body, reduces oxygen in the blood. Metabolism slows down. Digestion slows down. Weight gain and lack of energy begins. Worse still, nutrients mayalanmasına (decay) cause. Inflammation, producing fungi and mold. And with disaster ... All of these are living organisms. Becoming 50 percent of the common foods we eat. Produce waste material. Multi-eat but not enough attention to nutrition is not. This vicious cycle of body tissue by making renewed, enzymes, hormones, cellular energy, hundreds of other chemical components necessary for the body not produce activity. The food, instead of producing energy, as the body decayed remains, leads to more asitleşmeye. This vicious circle results, fatigue and weight of the unwanted side of the disease. Oil, both beneficial and harmful solution, acid and alkali to reduce the upgrade .. Green mainly vegetables, high alkaline value of water to drink, run better than some of the physical movements of the bowels of the solution 3 title;
* See you drink bottled waters labels.
* Make sure that the alkali value higher than 8. At least 2.5 liters of water to consume this kind. In addition, there are devices that produce alkaline water ratio was 10.


Talking to your doctor also told the above apply. Be a saint, such as high pH water. 2 books for more information ...
* The pH Miracle Weight Loss. Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young / Dharma Pub.
* Healing Power of Water-alkaline water, healthy and young remain Secrets / Chemical Eng. Aysan Mennan Kuzanlı-Dr. Recai Yahyaoğlu / Mosaic Press.


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