Efx Performans

our episode is constantly surrounded by a natural energy field that responds to both internal and external influences. Today's world is the environment where wireless terminals and technology-driven devices are all around us, creating electronic pollution. This pollution creates serious problems in cells, organs and muscles, making the body's natural bioelectric energy field destructive and "static".
The human body produces bioelectricity for proper functioning. Layouts of bioelectric brain activity trigger adrenaline, direct muscle movements, and even allow our hearts to thrive. The 'static' structure in our bodies can interfere with these processes and lead to weak muscles, bad balance and energy loss.
The holograms in the EFX products, through more than 100 algorithms, re-arrange the natural frequencies of the body to "filter" the static formation and bring the communication of the cells back to what it is supposed to be.
EFX products will be effective immediately, anywhere around 2-3 cm from the bioelectric field of your body. So it does not have to directly contact your skin to be effective. However, effects may be more widespread when your body, such as hands and feet, is held close to key energy centers.
In addition to the bracelet, bracelet and necklace models, the EFX holograms can be easily glued onto the clothes, belts, hats, or the shoe, thanks to the self-adhesive backsides.
EFX holograms can heal in a very short time by acting like acupuncture needles if they are glued to the affected areas. It is very effective if it is applied to both sides of the headache in the headache.

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