About the use of Ozone Disinfection

Disinfection and sterilization of car, home, office, holiday, restaurant, cafe, etc., along with the internal cleaning of the closed areas, where we spend a very important part of our lives, is also very important.

According to many studies conducted in the world, it is important for a healthy life pleasure to carry out the internal cleaning of the closed areas that contain the most germs in the world and enable them to reproduce, in certain periods and to disinfect the world's most powerful disinfectant with ozone.

During the day, we carry the microbes in many areas we contact with, especially the toilets. Likewise, we transmit the microbes at the points we touch with our hands to important points, including our clothes and dresses.

Especially in big cities, many of us have to eat or drink in the places we work or outside. In this period, viruses and microbes that are left on us will reproduce much faster.

Moisture and mold formed in the air conditioner channels are another factor that threatens our health.

We can say that there are many negative situations, especially odors, for pets living areas. We also see that smokers living in their living spaces, carrying products that create odor (meat, fish, cheese) also experience severe odor problems.

It is possible to face serious health problems due to these situations we face in the interior of living spaces consisting of general indoor and office products. We can say that this danger is much more especially in young children, sick and elderly people at home.

It is possible to get rid of all these negativities with ozone disinfection and sterilization application made with our Demogrup Air - Surface Cleaning products.

In the application made with the Ozone Machine, oxygen molecules are converted into ozone. Ozone molecules, viruses, bacteria, microbes, molds etc. in the environment we live in. It interacts with organisms and turns back into oxygen.

The application of disinfection with ozone, which gives very fast results (3,000 times faster than chlorine) with our air cleaning devices, can be safely applied due to its environmentally friendly structure and does not leave any waste behind.

Demogrup is recommended to have ozone devices in all living areas, especially in families with children.

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