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Indoor air pollution, which is a subject that is often considered in the recent times, directly affects human life. It has been determined that indoor air pollution is more and more times than outdoor air pollution. When we consider that 90% of the people who live in the city spend their time indoors, it makes sense. A high level of indoor air quality causes infectious diseases not to spread quickly, but also reduces the chance of a possible chronic illness. Cigarette smoke, mold, odors, dust are the most common of the indoor pollution. They are perceived as easy to see and smell. Some of them are: Gas, some chemicals, bacteria, pollen and static electricity.

It is known that Legionella 's bacteria produced by central ventilation systems in buildings which do not have the possibility of opening the windows cause serious health problems which can even cause death, and also it can be known that other microorganisms, especially molds, can cause infections in the air,
A standard house is exposed to about 18 kg of tobacco per year, which helps to carry 15 kinds of woods living in the beds, pillows, and woods to our home.

These invisible creatures live for about 45 days and 42,000 can live on a single powder granule. According to a study by Virginia University: 200,000 asthmatic patients per year are being removed to the hospital only because of the dust blades.
The buildings we isolate to prevent energy loss have very little fresh air as they keep the energy inside and cause us to keep the air pollution inside. Almost all the office equipment used in this type of office buildings cause the air quality inside to fall.
Toxins that we use in the cleaning of interior spaces (paint, etc.) also add to this pollution.

Especially respiratory tract disorders; dizziness, fatigue, burning of the eyes and sore throat can be seen.

Allergy, depression and chronic illnesses are invited. It is common for children and the elderly to be sensitive to indoor pollution, but these kinds of health problems are common in people of every age group.

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