Air - Surface Cleaning Devices

Our air purifiers cause very strong oxidation, which eliminates all contaminating organic matter both in the air and on the surfaces of objects. It improves the air quality of the super effect and provides cleaner air. With its advantages such as low noise, small volume and low electricity consumption, photo plasma air purifier has gained great popularity in both domestic and foreign markets.

  • Virus, bacteria, mold, fungus and mold spores etc. eliminates all types of biological pollutant waste, including;
  • Allergens and pet cleans skin rashes;
  • Benzene, formaldehyde, SO2, CO etc. from decoration materials. neutralizes all kinds of chemical poisonous gases.
  • Eliminates bad odors from home life or office work;
  • It removes very small particles: it can remove particles below 0.2¦m (microns);

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