The patented Truman Cell and six-stage air purification and cleaning process have been developed by ORECK Engineers following years of work at ORECK Laboratories in the USA. As a result of these efforts, the ORECK has been produced which makes air cleaning the most practical, economical and effective. Truman Cell, also used in US Naval Submarines and patented by ORECK, holds and deactivates harmful particles up to 0.1 micron. It means small particles in 1/100 of the diameter of human hair. Since alternative HEPA filters only collect particles up to 0.3 micron and clog with time, In the case of still humid environments, the HEPA filters keep the nematos in place and mold is formed over a period of time and it is spreading again.

The Lifetime Guaranteed Continuous Filtration does not need to change at all.

The advanced ORECK air purifier is very economical at the same time. The steel filter can be washed with water and soap in minutes. The filter in the hot water is rinsed, washed and left to dry and can be replaced easily. Therefore it is not necessary to buy expensive filters continuously. The cost of the air purifier you purchase sooner is paid to you in a very short period of time.

It purifies all kinds of smell, smoke and allergens very effectively and silently.

Thanks to the optional Carbon - Odor receiving panel inside the device, cigarette smell and smell, food smells, pet smells and home - you can get rid of any other smells you do not want in your office in a short time. In addition, toxic chemical gases containing carcinogen formaldehyde, paint smells and gas emissions from new carpets are very ineffective due to the device. The ionic air purifier is also very effective on allergens causing or lessening asthma. In your bedroom, in other areas of your home, in your office, the air is kept fresh and clean.


The oxygen generator converts the atmospheric ozone into Oxygen, which allows for easy breathing.

Ozone emitted from electrical appliances in homes and offices is converted into pure oxygen when passing through the oxygenator inside the appliance and fresh air is generated in the environment.


The six-stage patented Washable Filter technology captures and neutralizes allergens, bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and other particles in the size of 0.1 micron very effectively.

The new OXYGENERATOR technology converts atmospheric ozone into pure oxygen.

"Volatile Organic Compounds" VOCs emitted by solvents, adhesives and synthetic materials are greatly reduced thanks to "Odor absorber Plus technology"

The food in the environment greatly reduces the smells of pets and cigarettes and emits fresh air.


Washable pre-filter - Collect large particles of hair, feathers and so on.

Continuous Filter is very easy to clean with soap and water

Efficient control with ergonomic design and simple-to-use buttons on the control panel.

Continuous use mode provides clean and healthy environment for 24 hours

Choice of four levels of speed for all kinds of ambient conditions

The compact design allows the device to be used in a horizontal or vertical position on the table, coffee table, cabinet shelves without taking up space.


Silent mode with "SILENCE TECHNOLOGY"

Less than 20 watts total energy consumption

The Continuous Filter is never clogged and does not need to be replaced.

For more information: http://www.oreckturkey.com

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