Tap Type Alkaline Water Device SP-900

Electrolysis Department :
The electrodes are platinum coated titanium.
Electricity : DC-2 ~ 6?
voltage: AC110V / 220V
Power consumption : 80 to 120 Watt, according to model
Electric Cable : 5 Fit - 3 forked plug
ORP Level : + 800Mv to -500Mv *
Protection Insurance : 4 Amp
dimensions: G250 x Y330 x D140 mm
Filtration Capacity : Approximately 10,000 liters (10,600 quarts or 2,650 gallons)
Chlorine removal : & Lt; 0.0001 ppm% 99.9999
Water temperature : 39 degrees to 98 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees to 39 degrees Celsius)

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S1 cup or Jump Into What aydanlıg adhering white powder?
C1: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, iron or manganese i & ccedil, for the alkaline forming minerals. white powder after boiling alkaline water g & ouml; r & uuml; n i & ccedil will and also alkaline water; MEK & ccedil i, will accumulate in the bottom of the cup used in the edges. The V & uuml; CU is not harmful. & Ccedil mineral deposits; i & ccedil to Ikaria; the use of white vinegar.

S2 i'm ionizing Jump Into what T & uuml as in resource r water should I use?
C2. Normal city tap water or i & Jump Into the province can best water available (water Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium must minerals, etc.. (TREATED, reverse osmosis, the use of softened or distilled water!).

S3 over a week & uuml; I do not use the nite & uuml; PTB plug & Jump Into addition I should?
C3: Yes, & uuml; PTB plug & Jump Into Ikaria and L & uuml; tf filter Jump Into the Ikari. A clean plastic bag in the refrigerator i Jump Into Keep in the filter, not in the freezer. When preparing ioniser to use again & uuml; nitem filter insert and approximately 1 minute im Jump Into in acidic water Jump Into accustom later alkaline water T & uuml; counts for the & ouml; n 3 minutes i & ccedil; in alkaline water Jump Into the exercises.

Q4: Water nu & ccedil, in fuzzy?
C4: Ionization process S & uuml; K & uuml water formed in rem; & ccedil; & uuml; wastewater molecular & uuml; s K & uuml; it is because of the menu. The water is turbid, water pH & rsquo; s y & uuml; to CSE.

Q5: Why to Jump Into alkaline water; We can not?
A5: This is because, in some cases, the V & A, which may cause unwanted side effects uuml; cue been completely drug faster and Jump Into will let you leave honky-free.

Q6: Alkaline water newborn baby i Jump Into the can it?
C6: Newborn i & ccedil; s and & uuml; & ccedil; bear up forms & uuml; s when you prepare filtered water (n & ouml; t pH 7) use. A Jump Into Children & uuml; & ccedil; After reaching the moon baby D & uuml; evil & uuml; k pH alkaline water can begin to give. Jump Into Children B & uuml; y & uuml; d & uuml; k & Jump Into E; cooked foods, packaged foods, packaged fruit juices (not fresh juice) and & ldquo; fast
Prepared & rdquo; & Uuml; r & uuml; n of T & uuml; m & uuml; V & uuml; add acidity to keep in mind that cud. Jump Into Water alkalinity of children to G & ouml; re increase.

Q7: What is not acidic water?
C7: Acidic water microbes & ouml; ld & uuml; r the cleaning, sterilization and health i & Jump Into download. The Jump Into arrow D & uuml; evil & uuml; k pH (3.5-5) & rsquo; from stems. D & uuml; evil & uuml; k pH & rsquo; from because of acidic water having contact with bacteria & ouml; ld & uuml; r & uuml; r.

Q8: Every G & uuml; n how alkaline water T & uuml; should cetyl?
C8: V & uuml; every 30 pounds of weight i & ccedil cut; in alkaline ionized water for at least the d & ouml; in one rt i Jump Into Our menu is required. This will occur gradually, and if M & uuml provide more benefits to alkaline ionized water; mk & uuml; ns in this form & uuml; l & uuml; It is exceeded.

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