Portable Alkaline Ionized Water Device

Model: ST
Power: 110-220
Power Consumption: 80 Watts
Power Consumption Off: 2.0 Watts
Product Display Sizes: 403 (H) x 145 (G) x 313 (D) mm
Product Weight: Approx. 5.7lbs
Water Input Box Storage Capacity: 1500 ml (50oz)
Storage Tank Capacity: 800 ml (27oz)
Water Output Volume: 1100 ml (37oz)
Continuous Use Time: 60 seconds
Electrolysis power: Two Alkalinity Levels (Standard, Strong)
Electrode Cleaning Cycle: Automatic Cleaning
STANDART Filter Life: 300 Lifters (80 gallons)
Protection Device: Current Fuse 3.15 Amps
Power Line Length: Approximately 2m (6.5ft)
Water Temperature: Normal Room Temperature

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Q1 What is the glass or white powder adheres to the heater?
C1: alkaline calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and manganese form containing minerals. White powder occurs as a result of boiling water alkaline and also accumulates in the alkaline water used at the bottom of drinking cups and edges. The body is not harmful. You can use vinegar to remove mineral deposits.

Q2 What kind of use of water as a source for ionizing recommended?
C2: Normal potable water is available. (Do NOT use distilled water or softened PURIFIED!)

Did you plug the device S3 product I do not use for more than a week should I draw?
A3: Yes, please unplug the device and remove the filter. Keep the refrigerator clean the filter in a plastic bag, not in the freezer. Ionizer refit the filter when you use the device again for 1 minute before starting to use acidic water to alkaline water, alkaline water pours in for 3 minutes.

Water is not clear why the S4?
C4: during the ionization process because of water molecules in the water formed small communities. But 50 seconds after it becomes much brighter than normal water (due to the high oxygen).

Q5 Why not take medications with alkaline water?
C5: Because in this case the drug will spread faster and your body will begin to circulate more quickly, which in some cases can cause unwanted side effects.

Q6 newborn babies Can alkaline water?
C6: for newborn babies and use up to three months while preparing food has been filtered water (neutral pH of 7). After the child three months later, you can start making low alkaline water baby. Children growing up, cooked meals, packaged food and packaged fruit juices (not freshly squeezed) and "fast food" you forget all the foods that cause the body's acidity nude. Accordingly alkaline water can raise the level of the child.

S7 acidic water is doing what?
C7: acidic water to kill bacteria, to clean, to sterilize and used to treat. The reason is the very low pH values ​​(3.5 - 5). Thanks to the very low pH of acidic water kills bacteria at the time of contact.

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