Hybrid Portable Alkaline Water Device

For the use of bottled water
Power / Power Consumption: 220/30 w
Product Dimensions: Y38cm - G20cm- D19cm
Product Weight: 2.6 Kg
Top Storage Capacity: 1200 ml
Lower Tank Capacity: 1000 ml
Water Output Volume: 1.2 liters per minute
Continuous Use Time: 60 sec
Electrode Cleaning: Automatic Cleaning
Standard Filter Life: 6000 Lt
Protection Device: Current Fuse 3 Amps

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What is the best source of water to use?
Is well filtered and is a good starting point, we recommend the use of mineral water is about 7 pH-balanced in terms of minerals. Tap water is not bad, but based on a case by case shows major changes. You sure you know whether your tap water is too hard or too soft because these conditions will degrade the performance of a hybrid.

+ Why low, medium and high settings pH?
The reason here is the use of many different types of water. Low levels of alkaline water, ionized water is great for people to start drinking. It is weak but is full of antioxidants which allows purification of the toxin in a time not too slowly your body. One week after the alkaline water of low-level internal replace moderate alkaline water. This is set at 9.5 pH and -300 orp' is best to drink water, we recommend the average adult. Strong alkaline water is used for cooking and making tea. Low levels of acidic water is excellent for watering your potted plants. Intermediate acidic water is the great beauty of water to wash your face. Strong acidic water can sterilize bacteria and viruses, as well as machine tools, toothbrush, your cutting board and many more things you can use for cleaning.

Here is a quick reference:
Strong acidic water is about 3.5 pH, acts as a disinfectant for sterilization. Central acidic water, pH is about 5.5, is used as water for your skin due to the natural beauty firming effect. Weak acidic water is about 6.5 pH and acidity is perfect for your potted plants and cut flowers are. Neutral (only filtered) water neither alkaline nor the acid and to get patients with gastric disease and the drug is very good. Weak alkaline water, the pH is about 8.5, for the first time when you drink ionized water acts as a good first step, and it is best to drink your children. High alkaline water, pH about 9.5, the best drinking water for the average adult. Strong alkaline water, the pH is about 10.5, the cooking is very good for making tea and coffee!

Tips for alkaline and acidic water ∙
Breakfast and drink one to two glasses of alkaline water before going to bed is very helpful to your body's natural detoxification process. In contrast to pure water, there is no formation of bacterial alkaline water is safe to drink so much as you want. Alkaline water is better to keep the cold air tight container. After doing this will increase the life for five days. However, if you drink ionized water during the first twenty-four hours to get more and more powerful antioxidant alkalinity is the best. If you have a rash, use strong acidic water. This will clean without the use of chemicals and will reduce the irritation. If you have a bleeding wound, use strong acidic water. This will slow down the bleeding and will sterilize your skin.

When the tank is full source, is filled to the water level line-up?
No, it is enough to fill it with less water. Hybrid will also work.

Can I use hot water with my hybrid?
No, the hot water will damage the hybrid. Please use only cold water.

What little bubbles in my drink glass with alkaline water?
These antioxidants help in the form of hydrogen gas and oxygen. your drink glass of water to make sure you get all the antioxidants your body is best to drink quickly.

What is the latest time of alkaline water?
Approximately two days, but you should drink in a day. After a day loses antioxidants and alkalinity. Acidic water smells and why? I thought filtered. filtered but creates acidic smell like chlorine during the process of making hypochlorous water. I use my hybrid for a while and did a pH test and found the first time I got a little weak. Why? Minerals sometimes accumulate in the plate reducing ions. You can clear plates dropping three drops of white vinegar into the source water tank, then run until empty. First, remove the filter.

I'm taking medicine. What is the best water for them to drink when I receive?
instead of alkaline water when the drug is taken, we recommend you drink only filtered water.

Is it possible to make alkaline and acidic ice cubes?
Yeah. Add the ice cubes whether alkaline favorite drink to make it more healthy.

When I wash my face, I had a little acidic water. Harmful?
No, not really. such as a soda is not bad!

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