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About US

Demo Foreign Trade. And the Sun, Inc., in the year since 1988, cleaning, hygiene and other healthy living technologies are serving on.

A lot of life in the world today, almost 90% of families and individuals continues indoors.

Owned the surface and in contact with the air we breathe indoors, seriously endangering the health of our size. We sat down, we lie, we walk everywhere on the myth of millions of bacteria, viruses, microbes live.

Maybe some of them could be immunized. However, a growing number of respiratory tract diseases that threaten the health of the whole world and the new virus and other micro-organisms are seriously considering alternative measures in this regard is a fact that we need.

Cigarette smoke, smoke and other odors bother us whether threatens our health.

Our product portfolio is a very large extent, and are not offered for sale on the shelves products that provides an alternative solution consists of non-and wellness.

State institutions, the Turkish Armed Forces, thousands of reputable private sector companies and after-sales services, residential uses and benefits from our products for years.

Representative and distributor in Turkey are ECOQUEST Air Quality Systems, ORECK washable filter Air Cleaning machines, laundry detergent LAUNDRY PURE systems, PURELIGHT UV Sterilizers and Air Cleaning machines, Mangion Fuocco new generation of fire extinguishers, SAXEL-Robby Steam cleaning systems and with other product types our customers' lives spent in alternative environments and offer practical solutions.

Our mission is to provide better service to our valued customers that make your life more healthy and easy to provide new types of product, sales and after sales services to try to improve the quality of


EFX Performance

EFX Technology Applications

It is used in a wide range of applications of the technology EFX

• To improve mental and physical vitality
• improves physical endurance
• Develop Physical flexibility
• Develop a general athletic performance
• contribute to fundraising activities for charity.
• assists to create brand awareness
• It is used in the wellness sector activities.

EFX balance, strength and flexibility, increasing performance and well-being is a mobile technology product designed to remove the top level.
. Our technology consists of frequencies that are in harmony with people and animals at the cellular level. In contact with the body's bioelectric field for the instant in which the effect is inserted, functional performance increase is detected easily and in real time.

balance with simple tests, strength, flexibility and verified instantly positive impact on the range of motion.

After years of research and development, providing re-EFX electromagnetic balance in the human body and produce a technology that was optimized. EFX hologram material used to avoid damage from static electricity of electrical devices which are made from polyester film. Electrical frequency integrated into the hologram thus stimulating the free movement of positive and negative ions and restore the balance by opening the energy channels of the body.

• calmness and tranquility.
• Feeling Better
• Improved concentration, stamina and vitality.
• Easier stress management skills
• Increased energy and physical performance.
• reduction of jet lag and the effects of seasickness
• Less nervousness and anxiety.
generally a better quality of life
• Cell phones, computers and other modern electronic devices produced by
Increased natural immunity against the negative effects of electromagnetic fields.

EFX, which does not emit harmful electromagnetic
EFX does not include the use of prohibited substances.
EFX has not been evaluated by the FDA.
No contraindications have been reported (adverse / side effects) is not.

hologram in contact with the energy field of your body optimizes the energy field and to provide high air flow electro - chemical interaction increases the performance.

In other words, it relaxes muscles, creating a harmony with bioelectric frequencies EFX naturally produced by the body, increases blood flow, triggering tension by not providing relief and vitality.

How does it work?
Strong EFX hologram patch s electric power, loaded with frequency and pulse plasma. Results are obtained in an energetic level. EFX holographic quantum theory with cells in the body is positioned at or near the resonance level başlar.v this way, the cells are loaded with electro-magnetic charge dreaming you produce electrical and chemical energy by biological systems. When balanced, even though this system if they work more efficiently and thus increase the performance of the whole body, it is driven more comfortable life.
Hypothesis can be summarized as follows: EFX dengeler.böyle cells by electromagnetic fields again load the body's bioelectric structure organized and increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, tension and pain are reduced.

Bio - electromagnetism
including bio-electromagnetic structure of plants and animals that allows the interaction of ions is the main element for all living things. The concept of bio-electromagnetic sometimes bioelectric brain waves and heart / muscle function as well as the concept is difficult to understand due to manifest in different genres.

bioenergetic resonance
Bioenergy and bio-resonance today has become the method referenced in medical applications. Organic; It is a living organism and resonance means vibration in harmony.
Energy EFX holograms, shows the effect by stimulating the immune system and without any side effects. This phenomenon represents the next step in the evolution of health and athletic performance.

EFX: Beyond the mind

Gravity all scientists, theologians, is a natural law adopted by adults and children. A child "when the apple fell down again thrown knows that" young people learn the gravity and mass relationships. So what is gravity? everyone should be natural laws, I do not see it, but I feel the impact, so I know I have he says.
Similarly, the nature of the body's bioelectric field and is a great practitioner and EFX users, they instantly felt its effects on them.

EFX Benefits
Users can also work in their reports on the effects of EFX products have pointed to the results from the following. (Results may vary) Energetic EFX holograms Acupuncture and shows the impact of serious and immediate on strategic energy centers or chakras to stimulate positioned on sense EFX these applications to promote energy flow within the main meridian channels in the body that constitutes the essence as in acupressure.



About US

Demo Dış Paz.A.Ş.


Turkey authorized distributor of wellness technologies


Ecobox House Type

for homes and offices;
Lightweight and portable Ecobox every surface germs, viruses and bacteria very efficiently by gözlemleyebilirsiniz.böyle the disappearance of the öldürür.ecobox'l to mold you and your family, friends, less germs that cause disease have contacted olursunuz.filtrel systems in ulaşamazlar.ecobox germs on surfaces this unique mix produced by the surface (and naturally breathable environment) eliminates all kinds of smoke and odor on the send path.

Ecobox, consider the nature of science and confidence taşıyor.b interiors; in other words to live outside the natural cleansing and lightening flash of sunlight it takes place in the same way as germicidal and deodorizing process indoors.
Wouldnt it be great ....

Made to create a safer environment conditions during space travel, based on NASA research "Surface Guard" with wellness area well.We of Ecobox more; chemical spray and create a much healthier environment much more cheaply than the total amount spent on dust cloth.

Kansas State University "Active Pure" technology and "Surface Guard" s has tested and in less than 12 hours, H5N8 (Flu-Flu) (Avian Influanz to) your etmiştir.banyo found that neutralized the 99,999'n% of the virus, your kitchen, your bedroom, imagine the power of your office is such a deadly germ.