Ecobox House Type

for homes and offices;
Lightweight and portable Ecobox every surface germs, viruses and bacteria very efficiently by gözlemleyebilirsiniz.böyle the disappearance of the öldürür.ecobox'l to mold you and your family, friends, less germs that cause disease have contacted olursunuz.filtrel systems in ulaşamazlar.ecobox germs on surfaces this unique mix produced by the surface (and naturally breathable environment) eliminates all kinds of smoke and odor on the send path.

Ecobox, consider the nature of science and confidence taşıyor.b interiors; in other words to live outside the natural cleansing and lightening flash of sunlight it takes place in the same way as germicidal and deodorizing process indoors.
Wouldnt it be great ....

Made to create a safer environment conditions during space travel, based on NASA research "Surface Guard" with wellness area well.We of Ecobox more; chemical spray and create a much healthier environment much more cheaply than the total amount spent on dust cloth.

Kansas State University "Active Pure" technology and "Surface Guard" s has tested and in less than 12 hours, H5N8 (Flu-Flu) (Avian Influanz to) your etmiştir.banyo found that neutralized the 99,999'n% of the virus, your kitchen, your bedroom, imagine the power of your office is such a deadly germ.

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