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We constantly have çevriliyiz..günü with both internal and external factors that respond to the natural energy field of the electronic terminals that create pollution all around us the world is an environment where the wireless device and technology-driven. This pollution of the natural bioelectric energy field of the body with devastating effects "static" by making cells, organs and cause serious problems in the muscles.
The human body is bioelectric activity regulates brain üretir.biyoelektrik adrenaline triggers to work properly manages muscle movement and even allows the throw our hearts. Oluşan'statik our bodies' structure can interfere with this process and weak muscles, poor balance and leads to loss of energy.
EFX holograms on products that contain more than 100 rearranging algorithm through the body's natural frequency "filters out static formation and thereby remove the levels should be re-communication of cells.
EFX products, with immediate effect all over your body in about 2-3 cm from the bioelectric field gösterecektir..dolayı does not need to directly contact with the skin to be effective. However, the effects may be more common when the hands and feet are kept close to your body's key energy centers such as.
Wristbands, bracelets and necklaces in addition to the model EFX holograms self-adhesive rear surface easily through clothes, belts, shoes plasters or into the flat.
EFX holograms, effects such as acupuncture needles, which, if adhered to areas experiencing pain in a very short time in the temple healing sağlayabilir.özellikl headache is very effective when adhered to both sides.

Is your body properly tuned?
We constantly responding to both internal and external influences're surrounded by natural energy field. When this energy is disrupted the body's performance and activity dramatically decreases during situations muscles are relaxed when hasaselektronik devices at the right frequency, a similar result to the response to when the work doğurur.dig hand, the optimal frequency captured, increases blood flow and tension is reduced.
EFX's holographic technology in animal and human energy field contains algorithms and frequencies that interact with the cellular level. EFX products, especially when the body such as hands and feet held close to key energy centers, making it the most compatible by regulating the body's natural bioelectric frequencies.
removing the body functions and high performance energy contained EFX immediately set to open at the correct frequency.
The most notable result of this effect include:
• Increased balance and strength
• Improved flexibility and movement
• Better focus and alertness
• Stress and tension reduction
• Faster recovery time
• Jet lag and serious disease that reduces the ability to move in a positive contribution.

** Because of the lack of clear scientific evidence of bioelectric therapy devices we are not to be evaluated within the FDA and other medical professional teams by otherwise hard until a product of our medical category to be used at all in order to direct the diagnosis and treatment of a disease, but many note that we're not recommend due to the positive effect is observed.
The fact that search works in progress. Adequate medical and scientific evidence collected until FDA approval so that the effects of EFX products in medical terms "PLACEBO EFFECT" be considered. However, we are asking you. . . real-time effects have been experienced by EFX products and even without the news while tests on users to put on your body, you still explain how a placebo effect?

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EFX products, balance, strength, flexibility and improves each individual elements must have such strength in all areas of life. Therefore, it becomes an indispensable accessory of the user at any time of life EFX.

You can use your hobby or professionally done sports activities and the activities of EFX products in your lifestyle.

* Football / Basketball / Volleyball
* Surfing / skiing / Tennis
* Martial Arts / MMA:
* Triatloncu, runners, cyclists
* Golf
* Bowling
* chiropractic

EFX Technology Applications

It is used in a wide range of applications of the technology EFX

• To improve mental and physical vitality
• improves physical endurance
• Develop Physical flexibility
• Develop a general athletic performance
• contribute to fundraising activities for charity.
• assists to create brand awareness
• It is used in the wellness sector activities.

EFX balance, strength and flexibility, increasing performance and well-being is a mobile technology product designed to remove the top level.
. Our technology consists of frequencies that are in harmony with people and animals at the cellular level. In contact with the body's bioelectric field for the instant in which the effect is inserted, functional performance increase is detected easily and in real time.

balance with simple tests, strength, flexibility and verified instantly positive impact on the range of motion.

After years of research and development, providing re-EFX electromagnetic balance in the human body and produce a technology that was optimized. EFX hologram material used to avoid damage from static electricity of electrical devices which are made from polyester film. Electrical frequency integrated into the hologram thus stimulating the free movement of positive and negative ions and restore the balance by opening the energy channels of the body.

• calmness and tranquility.
• Feeling Better
• Improved concentration, stamina and vitality.
• Easier stress management skills
• Increased energy and physical performance.
• reduction of jet lag and the effects of seasickness
• Less nervousness and anxiety.
generally a better quality of life
• Cell phones, computers and other modern electronic devices produced by
Increased natural immunity against the negative effects of electromagnetic fields.

EFX, which does not emit harmful electromagnetic
EFX does not include the use of prohibited substances.
EFX has not been evaluated by the FDA.
No contraindications have been reported (adverse / side effects) is not.

hologram in contact with the energy field of your body optimizes the energy field and to provide high air flow electro - chemical interaction increases the performance.

In other words, it relaxes muscles, creating a harmony with bioelectric frequencies EFX naturally produced by the body, increases blood flow, triggering tension by not providing relief and vitality.

How does it work?
Strong EFX hologram patch s electric power, loaded with frequency and pulse plasma. Results are obtained in an energetic level. EFX holographic quantum theory with cells in the body is positioned at or near the resonance level başlar.v this way, the cells are loaded with electro-magnetic charge dreaming you produce electrical and chemical energy by biological systems. When balanced, even though this system if they work more efficiently and thus increase the performance of the whole body, it is driven more comfortable life.
Hypothesis can be summarized as follows: EFX dengeler.böyle cells by electromagnetic fields again load the body's bioelectric structure organized and increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, tension and pain are reduced.

Bio - electromagnetism
including bio-electromagnetic structure of plants and animals that allows the interaction of ions is the main element for all living things. The concept of bio-electromagnetic sometimes bioelectric brain waves and heart / muscle function as well as the concept is difficult to understand due to manifest in different genres.

bioenergetic resonance
Bioenergy and bio-resonance today has become the method referenced in medical applications. Organic; It is a living organism and resonance means vibration in harmony.
Energy EFX holograms, shows the effect by stimulating the immune system and without any side effects. This phenomenon represents the next step in the evolution of health and athletic performance.

EFX: Beyond the mind

Gravity all scientists, theologians, is a natural law adopted by adults and children. A child "when the apple fell down again thrown knows that" young people learn the gravity and mass relationships. So what is gravity? everyone should be natural laws, I do not see it, but I feel the impact, so I know I have he says.
Similarly, the nature of the body's bioelectric field and is a great practitioner and EFX users, they instantly felt its effects on them.

EFX Benefits
Users can also work in their reports on the effects of EFX products have pointed to the results from the following. (Results may vary) Energetic EFX holograms Acupuncture and shows the impact of serious and immediate on strategic energy centers or chakras to stimulate positioned on sense EFX these applications to promote energy flow within the main meridian channels in the body that constitutes the essence as in acupressure.

Claudia Şapel - CMT / Themusculartherapycenter.com

I am a sports therapist with over 20 years experience in high level competitive sports working with elite athletes all over the world including the Olympic Games, as well as some of the world’s premier performing artists. I have never come across a product that has as much immediate energetic impact.

I have never come across a product that has as much immediate energetic impact.

Earned 27 National Medals.”

Darren Phelps - Dana Hills Lisesi Müdürü Atletizm Antrenörü
Darren Phelps - Dana Hills High School Head Track & Field Coach

We had our whole track team wearing EFX and had over 40 personal records set and four all-time club records set in the biggest youth Track invitational of the year. Our team won two first place and one third place in age divisions.

Our team won two first place and one third place in age divisions. 

Our athletes felt the effects.

We had 6 National Champions and our team earned 27 national medals

İsveç - Focus / Berglund Milli Beyzbol Takımı
“Improvements In My Every Day Balance And Focus” Andy Berglund - Swedish National Baseball Team

I wear my EFX Performance technology bracelet every day, and I have seen significant, noticeable improvements in my every day balance and focus. I recommend EFX to anyone serious about improving their own balance! . .

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