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Health and Public Institutions




Recently, suggesting on a topic that frequently indoor (interior) of the air pollution, indoor air pollution etkilemektedir.iç direct human life, has been found to be more than outdoor air pollution from the floor and the floor. City life in the time that people spend 90% of time indoors feel the importance of the subject we are considering. Indoor air quality to be caused by rapid spread of infectious diseases with high retention rate also reduces the possible realization of chronic diseases. Cigarette smoke, mold, odors, dust most common of indoor pollution, algılanabilenlerdir.dig are factors that can be seen with an easy and coke: Gases, certain chemicals, bacteria, pollen and those perceived as difficult as static electricity ...
In particular, the opening of the window possible without building in central ventilation systems produced by legionella "bacteria that cause serious health problems that can even be fatal in, are also known to cause other microorganisms infections, including mildew especially in air conditioning so-called household
Standards are exposed to about 18 kg of powder per year on a house in the powder bed, the pillow, the 15 species of ticks living in wood helps to carry us home.
invisible creatures that live on top of approximately 45 days and 42,000 as a single speck of dust, according to a study by the University of yaşayabilir.virgini: only 200,000 years due to dust mite asthma are hospitalized.
As held in include energy buildings that we've isolated the purpose to prevent the loss of energy leads to fall much less clean air gets and why we keep inside air pollution olur.Bir used in the types of office buildings, almost all office equipment of indoor air quality.
We use for cleaning the interior (paint, etc.) Produce toxins that also would be added to this pollution.
especially respiratory tract disorders; dizziness, fatigue, eye irritation and sore throat may occur.
Allergies, with being susceptible to depression and chronic diseases and indoor pollution çıkarır.genellikl children invitation of the elderly, such health problems are common in people of all ages.

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Sterilizertörü Purelight UV sterilized 99.99% harmless to human health without using any chemical.


Without using any chemical UV sterilizatörünüzle Purelight absolutely harmless to human health with all kinds of UV-C band beams can be sterile surface and the objects within seconds. DNA and RNA-based organisms, microbes degrading UV rays become harmful due to disordered structures. Purelight'ınızla all kinds of bacteria and viruses (SARS, anthrax, BIRD FLU, intestinal BACTERIA-Clostridium difficile, which causes foot and mouth disease, other bacteria and viruses) is also found in beds and carpets to a great extent AKAR Insects (Dust mites, Bed Bugs) in seconds can neutralize up to 99.9%. This product, mattresses, quilts, pillows, bench tops, personal hygiene items, keyboard, telephone and so on. surfaces and objects, as well as cleaning chemicals on vegetables and fruits, no doubt you refine vb.kalıntılarından. Outside the houses, hospitals and nursing homes, a new neonatal units, hotel rooms, the device would be effective in very large areas. All kinds of environments we live in disease-causing germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi that destroy a large extent, this device, you and your family a healthy life also wish to contribute to the activities of enterprises in hygienic conditions. Product in box; Purelight UV-bar, power cord / AC adapter, is UV-resistant protective glasses and lens cleaning cloths.


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About US

Demo Foreign Trade. And the Sun, Inc., in the year since 1988, cleaning, hygiene and other healthy living technologies are serving on.

A lot of life in the world today, almost 90% of families and individuals continues indoors.

Owned the surface and in contact with the air we breathe indoors, seriously endangering the health of our size. We sat down, we lie, we walk everywhere on the myth of millions of bacteria, viruses, microbes live.

Maybe some of them could be immunized. However, a growing number of respiratory tract diseases that threaten the health of the whole world and the new virus and other micro-organisms are seriously considering alternative measures in this regard is a fact that we need.

Cigarette smoke, smoke and other odors bother us whether threatens our health.

Our product portfolio is a very large extent, and are not offered for sale on the shelves products that provides an alternative solution consists of non-and wellness.

State institutions, the Turkish Armed Forces, thousands of reputable private sector companies and after-sales services, residential uses and benefits from our products for years.

Representative and distributor in Turkey are ECOQUEST Air Quality Systems, ORECK washable filter Air Cleaning machines, laundry detergent LAUNDRY PURE systems, PURELIGHT UV Sterilizers and Air Cleaning machines, Mangion Fuocco new generation of fire extinguishers, SAXEL-Robby Steam cleaning systems and with other product types our customers' lives spent in alternative environments and offer practical solutions.

Our mission is to provide better service to our valued customers that make your life more healthy and easy to provide new types of product, sales and after sales services to try to improve the quality of


Ecoquest - Vollara


Indoor air pollution, which is a subject that is often considered in the recent times, directly affects human life. It has been determined that indoor air pollution is more and more times than outdoor air pollution. When we consider that 90% of the people who live in the city spend their time indoors, it makes sense. A high level of indoor air quality causes infectious diseases not to spread quickly, but also reduces the chance of a possible chronic illness. Cigarette smoke, mold, odors, dust are the most common of the indoor pollution. They are perceived as easy to see and smell. Some of them are: Gas, some chemicals, bacteria, pollen and static electricity.

It is known that Legionella 's bacteria produced by central ventilation systems in buildings which do not have the possibility of opening the windows cause serious health problems which can even cause death, and also it can be known that other microorganisms, especially molds, can cause infections in the air,
A standard house is exposed to about 18 kg of tobacco per year, which helps to carry 15 kinds of woods living in the beds, pillows, and woods to our home.

These invisible creatures live for about 45 days and 42,000 can live on a single powder granule. According to a study by Virginia University: 200,000 asthmatic patients per year are being removed to the hospital only because of the dust blades.
The buildings we isolate to prevent energy loss have very little fresh air as they keep the energy inside and cause us to keep the air pollution inside. Almost all the office equipment used in this type of office buildings cause the air quality inside to fall.
Toxins that we use in the cleaning of interior spaces (paint, etc.) also add to this pollution.

Especially respiratory tract disorders; dizziness, fatigue, burning of the eyes and sore throat can be seen.

Allergy, depression and chronic illnesses are invited. It is common for children and the elderly to be sensitive to indoor pollution, but these kinds of health problems are common in people of every age group.

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The patented Truman Cell and six-stage air purification and cleaning process have been developed by ORECK Engineers following years of work at ORECK Laboratories in the USA. As a result of these efforts, the ORECK has been produced which makes air cleaning the most practical, economical and effective. Truman Cell, also used in US Naval Submarines and patented by ORECK, holds and deactivates harmful particles up to 0.1 micron. It means small particles in 1/100 of the diameter of human hair. Since alternative HEPA filters only collect particles up to 0.3 micron and clog with time, In the case of still humid environments, the HEPA filters keep the nematos in place and mold is formed over a period of time and it is spreading again.

The Lifetime Guaranteed Continuous Filtration does not need to change at all.

The advanced ORECK air purifier is very economical at the same time. The steel filter can be washed with water and soap in minutes. The filter in the hot water is rinsed, washed and left to dry and can be replaced easily. Therefore it is not necessary to buy expensive filters continuously. The cost of the air purifier you purchase sooner is paid to you in a very short period of time.

It purifies all kinds of smell, smoke and allergens very effectively and silently.

Thanks to the optional Carbon - Odor receiving panel inside the device, cigarette smell and smell, food smells, pet smells and home - you can get rid of any other smells you do not want in your office in a short time. In addition, toxic chemical gases containing carcinogen formaldehyde, paint smells and gas emissions from new carpets are very ineffective due to the device. The ionic air purifier is also very effective on allergens causing or lessening asthma. In your bedroom, in other areas of your home, in your office, the air is kept fresh and clean.


The oxygen generator converts the atmospheric ozone into Oxygen, which allows for easy breathing.

Ozone emitted from electrical appliances in homes and offices is converted into pure oxygen when passing through the oxygenator inside the appliance and fresh air is generated in the environment.


The six-stage patented Washable Filter technology captures and neutralizes allergens, bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and other particles in the size of 0.1 micron very effectively.

The new OXYGENERATOR technology converts atmospheric ozone into pure oxygen.

"Volatile Organic Compounds" VOCs emitted by solvents, adhesives and synthetic materials are greatly reduced thanks to "Odor absorber Plus technology"

The food in the environment greatly reduces the smells of pets and cigarettes and emits fresh air.


Washable pre-filter - Collect large particles of hair, feathers and so on.

Continuous Filter is very easy to clean with soap and water

Efficient control with ergonomic design and simple-to-use buttons on the control panel.

Continuous use mode provides clean and healthy environment for 24 hours

Choice of four levels of speed for all kinds of ambient conditions

The compact design allows the device to be used in a horizontal or vertical position on the table, coffee table, cabinet shelves without taking up space.


Silent mode with "SILENCE TECHNOLOGY"

Less than 20 watts total energy consumption

The Continuous Filter is never clogged and does not need to be replaced.

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Purelight UV sterilizer is absolutely harmless for human health without using any chemicals with Ultra Viole-C band light, you can sterilize any surface and object within seconds. Organisms based on DNA and RNA are destroyed by harmful UV rays.

You can find all kinds of bacteria and viruses (SARS, SARBON, BIRD GRAY, Clostridium difficile, other bacteria and viruses that cause foot and mouth diseases) with your Purelight and Dust mites, Bed Bugs, You can neutralize 99.9% in seconds.

Bedding, duvets, pillows, bench tops, personal hygiene items, keyboard, telephone, etc. surfaces and objects, as well as chemicals and medicines on fruits and vegetables that you suspect of being cleaned. Apart from the houses, Hospital and nursing homes, Newborn units, Hotel rooms are the areas where the device will be effective in a great deal. We hope that this device, which largely destroys all kinds of germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause illnesses in the environment we live in, contributes to the healthy life of you and your family and also to the activities of businesses in hygienic conditions.

Inside the product box are Purelight UV bar, power cord / AC adapter, UV resistant protective eyewear and lens cleaning cloths.

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Radical Waters

Radical Waters Industrial & Intermediate Hygiene Management Generators (appliances) Electrochemically Activated (ECA) Produces water solutions. These solutions are 100% natural and are a low cost and environmentally friendly substitute for traditional cleaning and disinfection chemistries.
Anolite and Catholyte solutions are produced according to special needs and kept on site.
Anolite is a proven natural disinfectant and traditional sodium hypochlorite is a substitute for "whitening" type chemicals and chlorine based cleaning agents, while Catholite is a substitute for caustic detergent based chemicals.

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What is EFX Hologram Technology?

Radical Waters Industrial & Intermediate Hygiene Management Generators (appliances) Electrochemically Activated (ECA) Produces water solutions. These solutions are 100% natural and are a low cost and environmentally friendly substitute for traditional cleaning and disinfection chemistries.
Anolite and Catholyte solutions are produced according to special needs and kept on site.
Anolite is a proven natural disinfectant and traditional sodium hypochlorite is a substitute for "whitening" type chemicals and chlorine based cleaning agents, while Catholite is a substitute for caustic detergent based chemicals.

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Some of us Preferring our distinguished customers in Turkey and in the world

Demo Group Services

It carries out its services in the frame of standards, entirely focused on customer satisfaction.


Turkey authorized distributor of wellness technologies


EFX Performance

We constantly have çevriliyiz..günü with both internal and external factors that respond to the natural energy field of the electronic terminals that create pollution all around us the world is an environment where the wireless device and technology-driven. This pollution of the natural bioelectric energy field of the body with devastating effects "static" by making cells, organs and cause serious problems in the muscles.
The human body is bioelectric activity regulates brain üretir.biyoelektrik adrenaline triggers to work properly manages muscle movement and even allows the throw our hearts. Oluşan'statik our bodies' structure can interfere with this process and weak muscles, poor balance and leads to loss of energy.
EFX holograms on products that contain more than 100 rearranging algorithm through the body's natural frequency "filters out static formation and thereby remove the levels should be re-communication of cells.
EFX products, with immediate effect all over your body in about 2-3 cm from the bioelectric field gösterecektir..dolayı does not need to directly contact with the skin to be effective. However, the effects may be more common when the hands and feet are kept close to your body's key energy centers such as.
Wristbands, bracelets and necklaces in addition to the model EFX holograms self-adhesive rear surface easily through clothes, belts, shoes plasters or into the flat.
EFX holograms, effects such as acupuncture needles, which, if adhered to areas experiencing pain in a very short time in the temple healing sağlayabilir.özellikl headache is very effective when adhered to both sides.

Is your body properly tuned?
We constantly responding to both internal and external influences're surrounded by natural energy field. When this energy is disrupted the body's performance and activity dramatically decreases during situations muscles are relaxed when hasaselektronik devices at the right frequency, a similar result to the response to when the work doğurur.dig hand, the optimal frequency captured, increases blood flow and tension is reduced.
EFX's holographic technology in animal and human energy field contains algorithms and frequencies that interact with the cellular level. EFX products, especially when the body such as hands and feet held close to key energy centers, making it the most compatible by regulating the body's natural bioelectric frequencies.
removing the body functions and high performance energy contained EFX immediately set to open at the correct frequency.
The most notable result of this effect include:
• Increased balance and strength
• Improved flexibility and movement
• Better focus and alertness
• Stress and tension reduction
• Faster recovery time
• Jet lag and serious disease that reduces the ability to move in a positive contribution.

** Because of the lack of clear scientific evidence of bioelectric therapy devices we are not to be evaluated within the FDA and other medical professional teams by otherwise hard until a product of our medical category to be used at all in order to direct the diagnosis and treatment of a disease, but many note that we're not recommend due to the positive effect is observed.
The fact that search works in progress. Adequate medical and scientific evidence collected until FDA approval so that the effects of EFX products in medical terms "PLACEBO EFFECT" be considered. However, we are asking you. . . real-time effects have been experienced by EFX products and even without the news while tests on users to put on your body, you still explain how a placebo effect?


Ozone Generator and Water (Pool) Disinfection Machine

Ozone Generator and Water Disinfection Machine

Specially designed for high ozone shock therapy.
Treatment After flood, after fire, large area etc. For.


With a ceramic ozone plate (98 * 50mm) for ozone output for both water and air purification
strong, portable, low noise and easy maintenance

1 air pump inside the machine, continuous operation with 10L / MIN efficient.

2000-6000 liters of water to be disinfected.


  • For water treatment and sterilization: Small swimming pool or spa, aquarium, etc. Purification for.
  • For the room: Air sterilizer, living room, Kitchen, Bathroom, garage, pet room, Restaurant air sterilizer, Hotel room cleaner, KTV deodorizer, store sterilizer, office building, vehicle and boat. Fishing shop, etc ...
  • For Food: Washing fruits and vegetables, washing and removing remaining pesticides for vegetables and fruits,
  • Sterilize and remove odor for agriculture, keep fresh, formaldehyde (new home, hotel, office ...), keep refrigerator
  • For large area: Air sterilizer, garage, pet room, Restaurant air sterilizer, Hotel room cleaner, KTV deodorizer, store sterilizer, office building, Fishing shop. Etc ...
  • Treatment after flood and fire.
  • Sterilize and remove odor for agriculture, keep fresh, ozone generator to remove formaldehyde (new home, hotel, office ...), keep fridge fresh equipment.