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Tap Type Alkaline Water Device SP-900

S1 cup or Jump Into What aydanlıg adhering white powder?
C1: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, iron or manganese i & ccedil, for the alkaline forming minerals. white powder after boiling alkaline water g & ouml; r & uuml; n i & ccedil will and also alkaline water; MEK & ccedil i, will accumulate in the bottom of the cup used in the edges. The V & uuml; CU is not harmful. & Ccedil mineral deposits; i & ccedil to Ikaria; the use of white vinegar.

S2 i'm ionizing Jump Into what T & uuml as in resource r water should I use?
C2. Normal city tap water or i & Jump Into the province can best water available (water Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium must minerals, etc.. (TREATED, reverse osmosis, the use of softened or distilled water!).

S3 over a week & uuml; I do not use the nite & uuml; PTB plug & Jump Into addition I should?
C3: Yes, & uuml; PTB plug & Jump Into Ikaria and L & uuml; tf filter Jump Into the Ikari. A clean plastic bag in the refrigerator i Jump Into Keep in the filter, not in the freezer. When preparing ioniser to use again & uuml; nitem filter insert and approximately 1 minute im Jump Into in acidic water Jump Into accustom later alkaline water T & uuml; counts for the & ouml; n 3 minutes i & ccedil; in alkaline water Jump Into the exercises.

Q4: Water nu & ccedil, in fuzzy?
C4: Ionization process S & uuml; K & uuml water formed in rem; & ccedil; & uuml; wastewater molecular & uuml; s K & uuml; it is because of the menu. The water is turbid, water pH & rsquo; s y & uuml; to CSE.

Q5: Why to Jump Into alkaline water; We can not?
A5: This is because, in some cases, the V & A, which may cause unwanted side effects uuml; cue been completely drug faster and Jump Into will let you leave honky-free.

Q6: Alkaline water newborn baby i Jump Into the can it?
C6: Newborn i & ccedil; s and & uuml; & ccedil; bear up forms & uuml; s when you prepare filtered water (n & ouml; t pH 7) use. A Jump Into Children & uuml; & ccedil; After reaching the moon baby D & uuml; evil & uuml; k pH alkaline water can begin to give. Jump Into Children B & uuml; y & uuml; d & uuml; k & Jump Into E; cooked foods, packaged foods, packaged fruit juices (not fresh juice) and & ldquo; fast
Prepared & rdquo; & Uuml; r & uuml; n of T & uuml; m & uuml; V & uuml; add acidity to keep in mind that cud. Jump Into Water alkalinity of children to G & ouml; re increase.

Q7: What is not acidic water?
C7: Acidic water microbes & ouml; ld & uuml; r the cleaning, sterilization and health i & Jump Into download. The Jump Into arrow D & uuml; evil & uuml; k pH (3.5-5) & rsquo; from stems. D & uuml; evil & uuml; k pH & rsquo; from because of acidic water having contact with bacteria & ouml; ld & uuml; r & uuml; r.

Q8: Every G & uuml; n how alkaline water T & uuml; should cetyl?
C8: V & uuml; every 30 pounds of weight i & ccedil cut; in alkaline ionized water for at least the d & ouml; in one rt i Jump Into Our menu is required. This will occur gradually, and if M & uuml provide more benefits to alkaline ionized water; mk & uuml; ns in this form & uuml; l & uuml; It is exceeded.


Portable Alkaline Ionized Water Device

Q1 What is the glass or white powder adheres to the heater?
C1: alkaline calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and manganese form containing minerals. White powder occurs as a result of boiling water alkaline and also accumulates in the alkaline water used at the bottom of drinking cups and edges. The body is not harmful. You can use vinegar to remove mineral deposits.

Q2 What kind of use of water as a source for ionizing recommended?
C2: Normal potable water is available. (Do NOT use distilled water or softened PURIFIED!)

Did you plug the device S3 product I do not use for more than a week should I draw?
A3: Yes, please unplug the device and remove the filter. Keep the refrigerator clean the filter in a plastic bag, not in the freezer. Ionizer refit the filter when you use the device again for 1 minute before starting to use acidic water to alkaline water, alkaline water pours in for 3 minutes.

Water is not clear why the S4?
C4: during the ionization process because of water molecules in the water formed small communities. But 50 seconds after it becomes much brighter than normal water (due to the high oxygen).

Q5 Why not take medications with alkaline water?
C5: Because in this case the drug will spread faster and your body will begin to circulate more quickly, which in some cases can cause unwanted side effects.

Q6 newborn babies Can alkaline water?
C6: for newborn babies and use up to three months while preparing food has been filtered water (neutral pH of 7). After the child three months later, you can start making low alkaline water baby. Children growing up, cooked meals, packaged food and packaged fruit juices (not freshly squeezed) and "fast food" you forget all the foods that cause the body's acidity nude. Accordingly alkaline water can raise the level of the child.

S7 acidic water is doing what?
C7: acidic water to kill bacteria, to clean, to sterilize and used to treat. The reason is the very low pH values ​​(3.5 - 5). Thanks to the very low pH of acidic water kills bacteria at the time of contact.


Purelight MD

A. This ultra-violet wavelengths of UV sterilizer harmful bacteria and viruses are destroyed by radiation disrupting the DNA structure. PRODUCT PRESENTATION: -Enfeksiyonel all kinds of germs and viruses that cause diseases (SARS, anthrax, E. coli, avian flu etc.) Largely neutralized. All the time, everywhere, the most practical way surfaces and personal hygiene items, toothbrush, contact lens container and solution, glasses, shoes, bathroom equipment, telephones do the computer keyboard, you can sanitize the remote control and so on. surface cleaning easily move from your side you suspect your journey and you can practice on objects. bacteria and viruses in a short time such as 10 seconds can kill 99.9% functional properties. Once the deterioration of the structure of DNA of pathogens that cause disease and illness, microorganisms or dies completely or substantially neutralize the welts lose their properties in a way that could cause disease and can not breed again. always available everywhere because of its Lightweight and portable design. When -UV ray device 90 degrees for safety reasons and automatically translated kapanır.b whereby the user and prevents direct contact with the eyes of other people. PRACTICE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE BABY born -New items: toys, baby diapers and similar oyuncaklar.battani to, bottles, becomes sterile applications from 10 seconds to 3-5 cm away. And domestic appliances and personal belongings are mobile phones, keyboards, mice, mp3 oynacı on 3-5 cm from the application is made for a minimum of 10 seconds. -Şahs Hygiene items such as toothbrushes, razors, hairbrushes, combs, nail care kits are sterilized than 3-5 cm in height. The kitchen equipment Knives, Choppers, cutting -cut the table, etc. equipment is sterilized for 10 seconds. WARNING: KEEP AWAY from WATER RESOURCES




Demo Group; by Healthy Life Technologies; Activtek, Alkamineral, Ecoquest, EFX Performance, Oreck, Laundry Pure, we serve our Purelight and Radical Waters brand.


Purelight MD




Purelight MD model of daily use common computer keyboards, telephones, remote controls, door handles, personal hygiene items-shaving kit, nail care kits hairbrush, hotel rooms, practice on surfaces such as transportation araçları.genel toilets and baby-boy toys and belongings it is designed for use in a way. Purelight MD high-frequency UV-C rays of people and goods-surface with the power to sterile unique without any harm, harmful bacteria, viruses (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Shigella flexneri, Salmonella enterica, Bacillus Subillis) mold , fungi, hepatitis, influenza and other viruses that cause disease are neutralized.