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For any human health from chemical use in your Purelight UV sterilizatörü can absolutely sterile harmless Ultra Viola any surface with C band beams and objects within seconds. DNA and RNA-based organisms, germicidal UV disordered structures become harmful. Purelight'ınızla all kinds of bacteria and viruses (SARS, anthrax, BIRD FLU, intestinal BACTERIA-Clostridium difficile and other bacteria and viruses that cause foot and mouth disease), also found in beds and carpets greatly AKAR Insects (Dust mites, Bed Bugs) You can neutralize within seconds to 99.9%. This product, mattresses, quilts, pillows, bench tops, personal hygiene items, keyboard, phone and so on. surfaces and objects, you can also purify the chemical pesticides on fruits and vegetables vb.kalıntı you suspect the cleaning. Outside the houses, hospitals and nursing homes, a new neonatal units, hotel rooms are very large proportion of the area of ​​the device would be effective. all kinds of germs that cause disease in an environment where we live, bacteria, viruses and fungi greatly destroy these devices and your family a healthy life, we also wish to contribute to the activities of enterprises in hygienic conditions. In the Product box, UV Purelight bar, power cord / AC adapter, UV resistant protective glasses and lens cleaning cloths.

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UV-C LIGHT HOW Jump Into BUYING UV-C rays (UV-C band) anti-microbial & ouml; characteristics are known by scientists ve1930 & rsquo; Dan G & uuml; n & uuml; m & uuml; our DNA and RNA i & ccedil; for the microbes, bacteria, v & uuml; s and K & uuml; for the & ouml; ld & uuml; r & uuml; s to i & ccedil; s are used. Purelight & rsquo; taki UV-C G & ouml; rapidly G & ouml; r & uuml; n is not beam with human and animal i & ccedil; s disease because the pathogen genetic material of DNA and of them 99% inactivation getirir.genetik structures by disrupting the structure of RNA disrupted these pathogens & nbsp; a & uuml; reyip be harmful & ouml; they lose their characteristics. Mite B & ouml; would have (dust mites) and bed i Jump Into in other organisms in Jump Into arrow rendered ineffective in practical ways.

You can be sterile in 3 different ways of removing your bed linen Purelight'ınızla;
1. Place your Purelight'ı, starting from a certain part of your bed height of 10 cm from right to left (30 cm width in an area) for 10 seconds, and apply for a period of from left to right 10 seconds. ( "Beep" will help you with this) then side through the area of ​​30 cm width, perform the same application there. NOTE: If you make application of 5 cm height, left and right 3 second application will be sufficient.
2. Use a tripod: Pureligh was placing UV light on a tripod facing the bearing surface can run 2 hours (Basic mode -2 hours)
3. In the basal bed, your bed Purelight the corner facing the side of the bed and run perpendicular to the placing every corner in 30 minutes.
Remove the cover for your duvet and pillow in the bed above my application so you can use your Purelight chapter 1. PET / ANIMAL move slowly from one side to 10 cm in height on the surface where your pet used to wait for 20 seconds before ettirin.tekr application. PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS Purelight'ı your shaving kit, hair brushes, nail care set, hover your toothbrush as special hygiene goods on 3-5 cm high for 10 seconds.

Appliance, kitchen utensils (knives and other sharp and shredder tools, cutting table, etc.). Uygulayın.mutfak bench for 10 seconds from 3-5 cm in height and you suspect the cleaning chemicals on them in vegetables and fruits and you can apply in the same way you Purelight to cleanse them from all kinds of germs .

1 pathogens on surfaces in your environment without using any harmful chemicals to neutralize.
2. It does not leave any chemical wastes, and does not damage any surface.
3.Yüzey and hygiene is the most effective solution for your personal use items.
4. It is lightweight and has an ergonomic design with ease of use.
5. It provides information about the operating mode LED screen on the device.
6. Security Features; Special glass filter provides 10 times more protection. As the design is protection filter during use, even outside the field of view.
even if the lamp breaks within the guard will not filter out mercury spill. UV lamp becomes operational very quickly pressed two times in succession gerekir.tek presses the button to have the use of a safe for children with light getirmez.dolayı activated. In the period determined by the device it will shut down in an automated manner.
Purelight UV sterilizer has 4 different options.
1.Ready / off mode (standby) - wait
2.Safety Mode operation (5 minutes) - 5 minutes in safe mode option
3. Basic Mode operation (2 hours) - Basic operating mode (2 hours)
4.Serial in operation mode (Continous) - Continuous operation option
1.Şarj not process begins with a plug adapter and plugged in.
2. The 3-hour charge a 60 minute lifetime is obtained.
3. Each Do not forget to charge the device every two months.
For the period of time you use the device fully charged 4.Uz Keep it in a safe place.
5.Sade Purelight and use of adapter supplied by the battery.

Apply toilet seat and cover from one side for 20 seconds to remove more than 10 cm on both surfaces. The strictly avoid contact with water. The device works for the general hygiene of your bathroom an appropriate case to prevent any part of your bathroom asın.1 hours locked into keeping the children along.

smell in these areas, mold and other harmful to health, run largely or completely for 2 hours to become ineffective organisms device and keep it locked it to prevent children's room.

yapabilirsiniz.b practice once a week for 5 minutes right into your shoes and boots "athlete's foot" known germs that cause foot discomfort bottom shoes and slippers that you use your home as you can öldürür.ayrı sterile.

Computers and keyboards, telephone handsets and keys, cell phones, remote controls, door handles and so on. You can practice for 10 seconds to 10 cm in height on the surface.


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