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"Photo-plasma" air conditioner, photo-plasma, uses the most advanced technology of photo catalytic oxidation and anion purification. The combination of these three important technologies, both airborne pollutants to eliminate all organic material on the surface of both the object causes a very strong oxidation. Super effect areas improve air quality and provide cleaner air. Low noise, small volume and low power consumption advantages, such as photo with plasma air purifier, has gained great popularity in both domestic and foreign markets.

Things will be used;
"Photo-plasma" series of air purifiers; factories, hospitals, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, recreation area, living room, trains, ships, subways, tunnels, etc. It is used widely in many points.

Purification Technology;
Photo-plasma air conditioner, photo-plasma have a strong purification effect by the reaction of photo-catalytic and anion.

Photo-Plasma: Plasma is produced by the ultra-viola-rays. neutralization of the positive and negative electrical charges will cause the surrounding organic molecules and energy transfer exchange will release a lot of energy. This reaction can kill bacteria, organisms, eliminates parts and therefore pollution.

Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO): The floorboard as representative semiconductor material which fiber has a titanium dioxide photocatalysis function. Pollution problems applied as one of the best materials in the international resolve.
Photo-catalysis, photosynthesis by irradiation with high-energy ultraviolet rays can react in the catalytic reaction. This reaction, which effectively eliminates the cell membranes of bacteria and viruses and their proteins to which the oxidic strong oxidation produces free hydroxyl energy and some oxides. It can kill bacteria and remove organic pollution and polluted water and carbon dioxide can be changed. Therefore, to kill bacteria, deodorization, mildew proofing, proofing and air pollution there is a strong function of cleaning.

Anion: raising the low voltage direct current into high voltage circuit, will release a large amount of electrons at high speed using high-voltage direct current high electronic choir. Electrons can not stay long in the air, just to be captured by oxygen molecules and anion is AcAktIrlAr. This is very good for our health and is called vitamin in the air. Anion enhances metabolism, promotes immunity and the air is fresh, clean and natural preserves.
Purification procedures;
1. When it comes to air purification field will produce substantially free oxy hydrogen, high-energy ultraviolet rays and ions with reflection and photo-catalysis and photo-oxidizing plasma will function with irradiation. These ions are particles in the air, dust, smoke will be loaded and will eliminate them from the air. Because of these particles from the continuous division and oxidation, there will be no pollution. Therefore, replacement of the cleaning machine and filtration can be avoided.
2. MODE: There are four operating modes, for example - ION, CLEAN, CLEAN + -ion, AUTOMATIC. When the power is turned on, -ion is the default mode of operation. When you press the MODE key, operation mode changes to cleaning. Press again, the operation mode changes + -ion cleaning. Press again, the operation mode switches automatically. More compression, that will lead to the default operation mode. Operation mode makes -ion CLEAN-CLEAN-ION ION + circulated under. In AUTO mode, but the power and all other buttons are invalid response mode.
3. WIND: Wind speed will circulate under MEDIUM HIGH LOW with each press. In AUTO mode, this button is invalid response.
4. TIME: Time 1:00 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 12 hours or 4,5,6 ... makes circulated under STOPS WORKING. In AUTO mode, this button is invalid response.


Ozone Generator and Water (Pool) Disinfection Machine

Ozone Generator and Water Disinfection Machine

Specially designed for high ozone shock therapy.
Treatment After flood, after fire, large area etc. For.


With a ceramic ozone plate (98 * 50mm) for ozone output for both water and air purification
strong, portable, low noise and easy maintenance

1 air pump inside the machine, continuous operation with 10L / MIN efficient.

2000-6000 liters of water to be disinfected.


  • For water treatment and sterilization: Small swimming pool or spa, aquarium, etc. Purification for.
  • For the room: Air sterilizer, living room, Kitchen, Bathroom, garage, pet room, Restaurant air sterilizer, Hotel room cleaner, KTV deodorizer, store sterilizer, office building, vehicle and boat. Fishing shop, etc ...
  • For Food: Washing fruits and vegetables, washing and removing remaining pesticides for vegetables and fruits,
  • Sterilize and remove odor for agriculture, keep fresh, formaldehyde (new home, hotel, office ...), keep refrigerator
  • For large area: Air sterilizer, garage, pet room, Restaurant air sterilizer, Hotel room cleaner, KTV deodorizer, store sterilizer, office building, Fishing shop. Etc ...
  • Treatment after flood and fire.
  • Sterilize and remove odor for agriculture, keep fresh, ozone generator to remove formaldehyde (new home, hotel, office ...), keep fridge fresh equipment.