Ebat (mm) 1253 x 43 x 846 (G, D, Y)
Boyut     8, 10, 12, 24 reaktör
Girdi suyu  160L/saat ~ 240L/saat
Anolit üretimi 120L/saat ~ 190L/saat @pH 6.8
Katolit üretimi 40L/saat ~ 50L/saat @ pH 10.8
Yükseltilebilme yukarıda belirtilen boyut aralığı içinde
yalnız Direct Logic
HMI Dokunmatik Ekran Sadece 4” dokunmatik ekran Maple
Problar pH, EC
Prob tipi EMEC
pH Kontrolü Manüel vana
Destek deposu  Opsiyonel ekstra
Uzaktan kumanda
Kapasite yok
Akış monitörü Akım anahtarı
Elektrik PC ana kartı
Kireç sökücü kontrolü Venturi girişi
Alarm Opsiyonel elektronik flaş

compliance with the basic product quality, texture, aroma and aesthetic appeal as well as high-efficiency machining, to ensure microbial safety of the finished product is largely based on providing optimum hygiene standards. Long time there is interference in the biocidal solution is limited to applications made during normal working hours. There are many products on the market and their respective active ingredients, efficiency, ease of use, efficiency, safety and "green" features have attracted interest from many angles.

natural solution
Electro-active in terms of Edilmiş Water (ECA) and the antimicrobial activity of complete security solutions for accreditation in June 2006 sabs' field Radical Waters is able to offer specific solutions to the sensitive food grade senior product range. unique features formed after activation in water molecules, is extremely strong and environmentally friendly disinfecting result with substituents as part of the manufacturing process or directly used as an ingredient in the final product.
Compared with ordinary disinfectants and processing chemicals ECE, the activation process only uses natural elements and is not toxic to humans, it is completely safe and also bacteria, spores, viruses, yeast (wild strains), and has been repeatedly proven to be deadly without known resistance to mildew.

Outstanding Food Safety
Food safety is an issue to be taken lightly and reputation of the company in terms of compliance with legislation has an important impact on social responsibility. ECA draws attention to the following points:
ECE, the content is effective as a disinfectant and effective water treatment solution.
ECA is not toxic, it does not require rinsing, non-staining and does not affect the nutritional status of the final product.
ECE process, the solution of real-time measurement, which allows the supervision and control of microbial activity do not show the act.
ECE, food-borne diseases will reduce the formation of dangerous bacteria, eliminating up to 99.99%, and also provides optimal quality of the final product and reduce the degree of contamination and deterioration.
Advanced Biofilm control - thus eliminating one of the biggest sources of contamination
ECA broad spectrum biocidal activity, rapid sanitation period, surface biofilms are casting and rapid drainage.
Advanced waste management - treated water, after water becomes cast.
Simplifying operations and processes provide greater savings "single multi-application solution.

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