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Demo Group Services

Handbags, Purses, Backpack, Waist Bags, Document Bags, Ladies Bag, Bag Manufacturing, Production and Promotion Bag Bag
Bags, promotional bags, leather goods, bags, such as the production and manufacture of bags, our company has adopted the target to be a pioneer in every field DARSAN  Promotional Bags Promotional involved with our family last you a more comprehensive understanding of service provision has expanded. Manufacture of bags and hats, especially the service of our valuable customers with a wide range of products.


Bag Factory productions are entirely their own. Products section you can see an example çantalarımızı. Our Factory is located at the address at the following address.



compliance with the basic product quality, texture, aroma and aesthetic appeal as well as high-efficiency machining, to ensure microbial safety of the finished product is largely based on providing optimum hygiene standards. Long time there is interference in the biocidal solution is limited to applications made during normal working hours. There are many products on the market and their respective active ingredients, efficiency, ease of use, efficiency, safety and "green" features have attracted interest from many angles.

natural solution
Electro-active in terms of Edilmiş Water (ECA) and the antimicrobial activity of complete security solutions for accreditation in June 2006 sabs' field Radical Waters is able to offer specific solutions to the sensitive food grade senior product range. unique features formed after activation in water molecules, is extremely strong and environmentally friendly disinfecting result with substituents as part of the manufacturing process or directly used as an ingredient in the final product.
Compared with ordinary disinfectants and processing chemicals ECE, the activation process only uses natural elements and is not toxic to humans, it is completely safe and also bacteria, spores, viruses, yeast (wild strains), and has been repeatedly proven to be deadly without known resistance to mildew.

Outstanding Food Safety
Food safety is an issue to be taken lightly and reputation of the company in terms of compliance with legislation has an important impact on social responsibility. ECA draws attention to the following points:
ECE, the content is effective as a disinfectant and effective water treatment solution.
ECA is not toxic, it does not require rinsing, non-staining and does not affect the nutritional status of the final product.
ECE process, the solution of real-time measurement, which allows the supervision and control of microbial activity do not show the act.
ECE, food-borne diseases will reduce the formation of dangerous bacteria, eliminating up to 99.99%, and also provides optimal quality of the final product and reduce the degree of contamination and deterioration.
Advanced Biofilm control - thus eliminating one of the biggest sources of contamination
ECA broad spectrum biocidal activity, rapid sanitation period, surface biofilms are casting and rapid drainage.
Advanced waste management - treated water, after water becomes cast.
Simplifying operations and processes provide greater savings "single multi-application solution.


Greentech Environmental

About GreenTech Environmental

Our Mission

GreenTech Environmental innovates, develops, and manufactures high-quality electronic products that positively impact the lives and health of people throughout the world every day – all while protecting the environment. Everything we do makes a difference. GreenTech Environmental stands for the newest technologies created, distributed, and supported by an extraordinary group of people committed to providing you, our customers and consumers, lifelong service that amazes.

GreenTech Environmental is family-owned in the beautiful foothills of East Tennessee. Since conception, our vision has been to create products that enhance the health of people and communities throughout the country. With a passion to create products that exceed customer expectations, the GreenTech Environmental team successfully sells a broad assortment of product solutions for today’s smart consumer as well as multiple commercial products throughout the United States and the world. The company remains committed to the US economy and the local community by employing US workers both regionally and throughout the country.

Allen Johnston – Founder/CEO

Innovator, Inventor, Engineer, and Entrepreneur, Allen Johnston founded GreenTech Environmental 10 years ago with a personal commitment to creating products that improve the health and quality lifestyle of people throughout the country. Initially, he focused on the air we breathe at home and what followed was a broad range of high-quality products each addressing human needs at home, work, and outdoors.

A native of Lafayette, Indiana, Allen, his wife Ellen, their 2 grown children and 9 grandchildren live in Johnson City, Tennessee and established GreenTech in the tri-cities community. Allen is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. He began a successful career in engineering at Hughes Aircraft and then moved to Raytheon Missile Systems, serving as Test Program Manager for the next-generation Standard Missile Program which has become the primary anti-ballistic missile defense system for the United States. He also served as the missile manufacturing facility’s Test Engineering Department Manager, directing a staff of over 225 engineers and technicians.

Prior to founding GreenTech, Allen served as Chief Technology Officer for activTek Environmental and EcoQuest International, direct-selling companies focused on environmental technology products. He was responsible for the key areas of Product Development, Technology Research, Manufacturing and Testing for both Environmental and Energy Savings Technologies.

Impacting Our World

Our Company and People are Committed to…

Supporting community organizations with our time and resources.
We consistently find ways to help our community using our expertise, locally and nationally. From ending a local animal shelter’s feline disease epidemic to donating remediation equipment to recovering communities after natural disasters, GreenTech is involved.

Decreasing environmental footprint through sustainable practices.
Everyone in our company is responsible for finding new efficiencies, reducing unnecessary waste, and adhering to established sustainability initiatives. Our facility is lighted using 100% LEDs, offset by our large solar array, and maximizes the recycling of manufacturing waste.

Working ethically and doing business with like-minded companies.
By working directly with our international vendors at their locations and partnering with third-party social inspectors, we know our products are made ethically. We follow through with that promise by focusing always on doing right by our partners, customers, and consumers.

Greentech Environmental - | Demogrup Turkey Distributor




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