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Alkaline Ionized Water Systems

Portable water ionizer


With this machine you can make the normal drinking water is a strong antioxidant. Within a short time, this new water ionizer produces alkaline and acid water iyonlaştırılmış will begin to see the benefits. If you use it carefully maintain the proper water ionizer will give you years of reliable quality service.

Ensure maximum benefit and use new water iyonlaştırıcınızı correctly, please read all of this manual to make the necessary treatments. The back page of the document to guide the user to fill in the warranty, your warranty by sending mail to the address to make it effective, so you can learn the latest news.

Iyonlaştırılmış Although water is a novelty for you, though, water ionizer was discovered about 75 years ago in Russia. Japan first succeeded in developing and marketing the device in a home. İyonlaştırılmış water in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore have experienced the benefits of drinking water, such as iyonlaştırılmış many people are very popular in many countries. The importance of moisture and physical benefits of water tanındıkça iyonlaştırılmış iyonlaştırılmış water is increasing in popularity.


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Under-counter Alkaline Water Device YS-A99

With this machine you drink water, you can make a strong antioxidant. Within a short time it has been ionized water produced by this new Ionizers alkaline water and acid will start to see the benefits. If you do use caution as necessary to maintain water ionizer it will give you years of reliable quality service period. Ensure maximum benefit and use your new water ionizer correctly, read all of this manual to make the necessary treatments. Although ionized alkaline water, though a novelty for you, water ionizer has been discovered in Russia about 75 years ago. Develop a home device are also those who managed the first Japanese marketing. Ionized alkaline water in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries where many people have experienced the benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water as Singapore is very popular. The importance of hydration and physical benefits of ionized water proclaimed ionized alkaline water is increasing in popularity.
The importance of water for our health;

True health can not be achieved without moistening the body needed. every organ in the body is dependent on water handle properly and to ensure full efficiency. Most of our body consists of water. 70% of the human body, 85% of our brain, 35% of bone and 83% of blood, 79% of lung and liver in 90% of water. Nothing is more important for the body of water fee- alkaline ionized water can not be anything more useful.
Ionized Alkaline Water How to Produce;
Ionized alkaline water, water produced through a process of electrolysis are treated electronically. Water passes through the positive and negative electrodes and ionized minerals in the water at that time of positive and negative ions are generated to be allocated. These two water (acidic and alkaline) are simultaneously produced in the ionization process and discharged through two separate pipes.
Ionized Alkaline Water Health Benefits;
water you drink alkaline ionized water system removes up to 9-10 pH. At the same time plenty of oxygen, minerals, converting the anti-oxidant and micro-ionizing the water molecules are made. Water is a bosom winning wealth, but it contains oxygen and minerals. This property is located in the alkaline water ionizer abundant. They consist of about 12 to 15 water molecules according to the pollution of the waters ordinary water. You can liken it to a bunch of grapes. This includes against alkaline ionized water 5 to 6 water molecules. In parallel with alkaline minerals contained in the water in our cells divide into smaller micro-clusters has the ability to population. Buddha young cells in our body and is the biggest factor in staying healthy. Minerals in alkaline form is 5 pcs. These include calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and iron. Our body healthy is extremely important to create an alkaline environment, these minerals are combined with acidic that the body cells (the body in rebel-storing all diseased cells) from the body all the necessary removal of acidic waste. For example, fatty acids, acetic acid, acidic catalyst such as cholesterol is a safe way of these substances must first be neutralized with alkali, to remove minerals from the body. (Which is vital in our bodies these alkaline minerals while calorie non-alkaline water is the only source of food. Clearing the acid entering into the cells in our alkaline ionizer water body, acids, sweat, they help flush it out through urine and bowel. Is as alkaline reserve is literally loaded a bank account will be created in the body by neutralizing any moment acidity protects us from diseases, young and makes a healthier life.
Ionized Alkaline Water How to Consume
small bubbles when you fill a glass of water for the first time, you'll notice ionized. These are hydroxyl ions in water, one antioxidant. They also provide extra oxygen and thus energy to the body. Ionized alkali water at room temperature for 24 hours from the moment it leaves the ionizer can be stored in the refrigerator for 48 hours, water is consumed, in which case alkali can take maximum values.
Acid Ionized Water Use - This water is for external consumption only!
Cuts, swelling, scratches, rashes, diabetic ulcers, mosquito bites, bee stings, hair styling and skin moisturizing dry, chapped hands, itchy skin, use as an external treatment of fungi, such as acne and eczema and athlete's foot. Blood is used as a stopper to tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles. effectively destroys the plaque from your teeth and use mouthwash as to improve the sore throat or other mouth pain. Vegetables, fruit, meat and fish can be washed with this water to kill bacteria. Acidic water also supports the growth of plants and overall health and doubles the life of cut flowers put in vases.



Portable and Faucet Type Alkaline Water Ionizers are quality living products that are suitable for use in the home or workplace, which purifies all kinds of foreign substances in the network and demijohn waters and makes the water more useful. Disinfectants such as chlorine used to disinfect microbes and bacteria in the water, all kinds of impurities and free radicals mixed in water cause diseases and premature aging. Water ionizers purify these foreign materials with the aid of filters, making the water much smoother, better quality, healthier and more functional. Ionized and pH-enhanced water helps the body stay young, healthy and alive by renewing at the cell level.

Benefits of alkaline ionized water:

  • Alkali ionized water is an excellent immune system protector.
  • Maintain the acid / alkali balance in the body with antioxidant structure.
  • It provides excellent hydration in cells with its micro structure.
  • The body is renewed at the cell level to help keep it young, healthy and alive.
  • It cleans up "free radicals" that cause diseases and premature aging with high-value negative ions.
  • It helps neutralize the acidic toxins that accumulate in our body for many years.
  • Internal filter and pre-filters purify various pollutants that may be present in city water

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Alkaline Ionized Water Systems

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