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About US

Demo Foreign Trade. And the Sun, Inc., in the year since 1988, cleaning, hygiene and other healthy living technologies are serving on.

A lot of life in the world today, almost 90% of families and individuals continues indoors.

Owned the surface and in contact with the air we breathe indoors, seriously endangering the health of our size. We sat down, we lie, we walk everywhere on the myth of millions of bacteria, viruses, microbes live.

Maybe some of them could be immunized. However, a growing number of respiratory tract diseases that threaten the health of the whole world and the new virus and other micro-organisms are seriously considering alternative measures in this regard is a fact that we need.

Cigarette smoke, smoke and other odors bother us whether threatens our health.

Our product portfolio is a very large extent, and are not offered for sale on the shelves products that provides an alternative solution consists of non-and wellness.

State institutions, the Turkish Armed Forces, thousands of reputable private sector companies and after-sales services, residential uses and benefits from our products for years.

Representative and distributor in Turkey are ECOQUEST Air Quality Systems, ORECK washable filter Air Cleaning machines, laundry detergent LAUNDRY PURE systems, PURELIGHT UV Sterilizers and Air Cleaning machines, Mangion Fuocco new generation of fire extinguishers, SAXEL-Robby Steam cleaning systems and with other product types our customers' lives spent in alternative environments and offer practical solutions.

Our mission is to provide better service to our valued customers that make your life more healthy and easy to provide new types of product, sales and after sales services to try to improve the quality of



About US

Demo Dış Paz.A.Ş.