Fresh Air By Ecoquest

Fresh Air model with the recent discovery on air, in (Intellian is) intelligent systems technology
the device is the most effective way to operate the necessary adjustments and service guides give you the news.
(RCI) Space patented technology and provides a more efficient performance, supported by synairg process.
Together with the technology used in the space shuttle balanced ionizing, ozone and UV plate makes this alternative system.
• Smoke. smell the cigarette smoke destroys the environment.
• synairg feature all kinds of mold, fungus and bacteria are killed.
• UVC (UV) radiation kills germs passing through the device.
• Your home, your office, your car and destroys all odors in your boat.
• Provides a clean and fresh air in a confined space.
• With electrostatic filtration of dust, other particles, provides allergen purification.
• All the buttons on the remote control or device control and adjustment possible.
• "Intellian is" the intelligent system technology devices and services needs will alert you when regular maintenance.

• 220 volts, 50 Hz
• 90 watts
• 24-30 kV, 20-30 Khz ion production pulsator
• Fixed 6 KV DC needle-type ion generator
• 70-100 CFM fan outlet
• 30.5 cm high, 23 cm wide x 30.5 cem depth
• 6.2 kg.
RCI cell output (Normal Mode)
• <0.02 ppm ozone / hour
23-280 m2 (pollution, may vary according to the temperature and humidity)

Total : 6