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DPL Hand Therapy Device

Benefits of DPL Therapy System
• Completely natural
• Non-invasive (does not require the cutting of tissue method)
• nonablative (tissue of the erosion does not require thawing method, etc.)
• Large work area - 22.5 x 35 cm in light LED panels.
• Easy to use
• it has been identified in research with no serious side effects.
• Safe and effective can be
• It is a device designed to be used for years.

DPL Therapy System of pain and discomfort that can help to provide the benefits:
• Tennis elbow (Tennis Elbow)
• Golfer's Elbow (Golfers Elbow)
• Lymphatic Drainage (Lymphatic Drainage)
• Leg pain (Leg Pain)
• Carpal Tunnel (Carpal Tunnel)
• Wrist Pain (Wrist Pain) for DPL back pain
• Shoulder Pain (Shoulder Pain)
• Back Pain (Sore Back)
• Muscle tension (Tight Muscles)
• arthritis (Arthritis)
• Cartilage Damage (Torn Cartilage) use in DPL foot
• Motion Restriction (Range of Motion)
• Tendon Problems (Tendon Problems)
• Deep muscle problems (Deep Muscle Problems)
• Swelling (Swelling)
• Injury, Berets (Bruises)
• Ankle Problems (Ankle Problems) for pain in the knee DPL
• Tissue Repair (Tissue Repair)
• Fibromyalgia (Fibromyalgia)
• Planter Vicious (plantar fasciitis)
• Swelling (Inflammation)
• Nerve Damage (Nerve Injuries)
• Injury and coercion are (in foot pain kullanımstress Strains and DPL)
• spasms and knots (spasms and Knots)
• Arthritis Pain (Arthritic Pain)
• Muscle Melt (Muscle Atrophies)
• Cartilage Wear (Cartilage Wear)
• Jam shoulder (bursitis)
• nevraljidpl ankle - Nerve Pain (Neuralgie)
• hematomas (Hematomas)
• Elimination of Pain (Pain Relief)
• Wound tissue (Scar Tissue)
• Neck Pain and Stiffness (Neck Pain and Stiffness)
• Bond rips (Ligament Tears)
• sports-related injuries and muscle aches
• rapid healing of wounds. (For example, wounds resulting in diabetic patients. In NASA study, can improve blood circulation of the LED light therapy and it has appeared to accelerate the healing of wounds. Nevertheless, diabetic wounds subject carries a very serious nature and the doctor requires a medical treatment in custody. Your doctor as well as of this treatment in agreement, you can benefit from the DPL Therapy System)


DPL Hand Therapy Device

Acne and blemishes which skin types: infrared LED light therapy can accelerate the natural healing process of the skin and thus can contribute to the healing of acne and skin blemishes.
Is the use of infrared LED light is painful? Can anyone use it? Are there any negative side effects?

Infrared LED light containing very easy applicability of the DPL Therapy System is relaxing and painless. The application does not görmesinigerektir cutting the skin or a chemical process - that is not invasive and ablative - is reliable. No serious side effects have been identified in scientific research is unprecedented. After application to a recovery process is not needed or is not a problem like the return of treatment. In every age, type, sex and skin structure it can be used safely in people. Also in all regions of the skin (face, neck, chest, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc.) can be used. People with very sensitive skin may start treatment with a short time to prevent the overreaction of the skin and increase treatment in a phased manner.


DPL Hand Therapy Device

Tired and aging skin: Infrared LED light therapy can lead to positive effects on the skin type. This light therapy may accelerate the excretion of toxins in the skin, increasing blood circulation, can cause a general increase in the overall humidity and vitality of the skin and softening wrinkles.

DPL Therapy device, accelerate repair of the skin, younger and plumper skin level, flexibility and help to achieve improvements in overall skin structure.
Hyperpigmentation, age spots, freckles, solar lights, factors such as the skin problem has occurred gradations of color on the skin surface: regular use of infrared LED light therapy to alleviate these and other hyperpigmentation problems, and even when it can be beneficial to the extinction of.

Every human being should be noted that the different nature of each body. Moreover, the time to obtain the results according to the frequency of use and skin structure should be aware that change. Mostly, it was found that regular use of initiating observation of significant impact in the next 30-45 days. Some users, the business and even the DPL Therapy System in the first few days after they started to practice stated that they can see the difference. The device response time, each person's physical structure, age, skin characteristics, diet type, can show differences depending on the use of cigarettes and alcohol. DPL Therapy Light therapy device you use to provide benefits and skin structure is a system that can help improve.


DPL Therapy Devices

DPL uses the healing effect of infra-red and red LED lights with some wave lengths. This technology has been developed by NASA, the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration, as a result of years of research into the use of light in the human body. DPL is a device that gives you the best and the latest technology for your body and your health and you will use it practically wherever you want.

With only a few minutes of use during the day, the DPL Therapy System can provide a great solution to the stiffness and soreness caused by joints, muscles, backs and arthritis, accelerate blood circulation and improve wound healing.

While the DPL Therapy System shows all these curative effects, it can also provide the cells with elastin and collagen secretion, thus improving the whole structure of the skin and causing rejuvenating effects. The decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin in the cells is one of the major reasons for the appearance of signs of aging and wrinkles. The DPL Therapy System can also cure skin problems such as acne by strengthening the immune system.

The DPL Therapy System does not require any medication. It is a non-invasive procedure in which the body does not involve surgical intervention or injury. The DPL Therapy System is a device that can be used as long as it is needed, and this is scientifically determined, without any side effects.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the DPL Therapy System and stated that it is a device that can be used without a prescription. FDA approval is a major criterion in the United States and in the world.

As a matter of fact, Turkish doctor Mehmet Oz in USA has introduced the device in his TV program and said that it was developed in NASA researches for the improvement of astronauts and it is a very safe device.



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