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Lebelang Portable Air Purifier HAS-3003

Portable Air Purifier HAS-3003

Distinctive Features
  • Anion (Ion/cc) 11,290,000* Update 16/03/2020
  • Change color of cover according to your dress code.
  • High anion concentration : anion concentration can be higher than 2*106/cm3
  • Excellent sterilization effect : can perish harmful germs, bacteria,viruses, pollen
  • Very easy to use : Just press the button.
  • Using in anywhere : Hospital, gyms, offices, planes, cars,departments etc.
  • Being better nasal obstructions, itching of the nose, sneezing
  • Increasing in performance of psycho-motor tasks


Deodorizing and mite removal all-in-one machine XDCM06

2020 popular new products wholesale Deodorizing and mite removal all-in-one machine XDCM06 ozone generator.

  • Built-in 28 million negative ions;
  • Built-in ozone generator module, ozone concentration: 2.02mg / m³;
  • High quality 5015 blower;
  • Formaldehyde removal rate 99.2%
  • The killing rate of white staphylococcus: 99.9%;
  • Built-in 24000Hz ultrasonic generating device;
  • The mite repellent rate is as high as 93.16% (measured data from regular third-party testing agencies);
  • Small size, easy to carry, can be used in home or business hotel.
Application: Home/Office/Hotel/Bedroom/Washroom
Model XDCM06
Coverage Area: 80 Square Meters
Negative Ion: 28 million
ozone concentration: 2.02mg / m³
Purification Rate: >99%
Product Dimension: 172 * 41 * 121mm
Net Weight: 0.31KG